Yoga Adityam was born out of the necessity of spiritualizing yoga in the West. This new system evolved through many years of yoga practice and spiritual experiments. During my long period of study and exploration, I received instructions from accomplished yogis and siddhas, both in India and the West, and after many years of dedicated practice, I came to a deep understanding of the principles of how energy moved through the three bodies during the practice of asanas, pranayama and meditation. I carefully analyzed the many ancient yoga styles described in classic yoga books in India, and compared them to the yoga styles taught in the West in various countries. When I followed the history of any particular style to its ancient roots, I was confronted each time with the revelation that many vital parts were missing when it was presented in the West. For example, in the practice of asanas, not only was breath retention often missing, but also the use of bandhas (yogic body locks), Drishtis (positioning of the gaze), mental concentration and many other vital aspects of true yoga practice were completely absent.

My purpose is not to criticize others’ styles of teaching; there are many good schools in the West that follow a system designed to foster an experience of inner expansiveness, and this is good. My intention is simply to elucidate the missing vital components of the practice, so that all practitioners can benefit. The principles of Yoga Adityam can be applied to any style of yoga practice and bring forth great spiritual benefits. The series presented in this book were carefully designed to make the physical body strong, lean and healthy, strengthen the nervous system, clean the complex configuration of nadis (astral channels of energy) within our bodies, awaken the Kundalini (the powerful spiritual energy dormant in every human being), open the chakras (psycho-spiritual centers), and help every practitioner realize the great truth of our eternal and infinitely vast nature.

In this book you will find specific and clear instructions on how asanas, pranayama and meditation should be practiced. As was done in the first two volumes in the Yoga Adityam series, these instructions are given in conjunction with Kirlian photographs which vividly depict the changes which occur within the energy body while each practice is performed. This is truly a revolutionary approach to the science of yoga and health. This book has two sections that were divided with the purpose of being small enough to transport or copy. The first section has a detailed philosophical explanation of the system and how it influences the physical, astral and causal bodies. As you advance you will encounter some of the research made by the author that focuses on the benefits of holding the breath during asanas (postures) and pranayamas (breathing exercises). As you continue, meticulous descriptions of different pranayamas and mudras (energy seals) that arouse mystical internal energies responsible for awakening the mind will be revealed to you.