Spiritual Experiments

Encounters with Spiritual Masters Who Awaken Latent Mystical Tendencies

My book “Spiritual Experiments: The Portal of Truth” is out.
If you are interested here is the link in Amazon.

This journey through spiritual experiments is Matias Flury’s autobiography.

p_spiritualThe author is just an unassuming man that worked in the city, drove in traffic, and took care of his worldly responsibilities. And in the midst of his busy schedule, he managed to accomplished great achievements; an annual 40 day fast, meditating at night instead of sleeping, gazing at the sun 2 hours a day… During these years of searching Matias had the great fortune of traveling to India to further his yoga studies. There he encountered many great sages and saints and had multiple mind expanding experiences where he was able to connect with his true nature in the most profound way. He shares several of these experiences in this volume.

Reading this book will help you understand that this yogic life is available to everyone, no matter what you do, or how busy you are; this lecture will fill you with strength and reveal the portal that will set you free.