The Secret Power of Yoga Adityam

Part-1 and Part-2, The Practice

The Secret Power of Yoga Adityam
Lost Ancient Practices that expedite the process of Enlightenment in the 21st Century
Section 1 and 2The author after many years of mystifying yoga practices understood in depth many of the mechanisms of the three bodies’ configuration matrix, and the means to end mental enslavement.This book will help you free yourself of the web that entangles and holds you to conditioning.In this book, he demonstrates the efficacy of these techniques by using aura machines and Kirlian photography. You will be able to see for the first time, how energy moves through the subtle body and chakras during each of the yoga poses (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), and energy seals (mudras).

You will be able to comprehend what is going on in your own body on an energetic level during practice, this understanding will infuse you with great power and incentive to remain on your path. This book will inspire and persuade you to continue, since you will see with your own eyes that the system of yoga is not a myth, and that it works on a profoundly physical and energetic level.

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The Secret Power of Yoga Adityam
Section 3 the practice

The detailed description of lost Ancient Practices that can expedite the process of Enlightenment in the 21st Century

In this volume the author gives precise instructions and reveals all techniques that are comprised in the practice of Yoga Adityam, which is a sure way to end sorrow and release the mind like one thousand unrestrained birds into a brilliant clear sky.

You will find detailed explanations on how to approach the practice of Asana & pranayama, in a way that has never been done before.

The sequences shared here were carefully designed, utilizing the proof of the energetic sheath of the body (pranamaya kosha) through photographic evidence by means of Kirlyan photo machines, to awaken the internal energy centers and take the practitioner to states of peace and tranquility NOW. The idea imprinted here, is not to have to practice for many years to enjoy these states, but rather experience some of the benefits from the first day of practice.

You will enjoy these states of elation from the beginning, and with time and dedication will continue to ascend to the remarkable universes of your own psyche, thus becoming aware of eternal consciousness, aware of the intrinsic nature that will liberate you forever in the pure ethereal realms of the ultimate spiritual expression.